Imagine VOC labels for all products, materials and buildings!

Imagine looking at a product or material and seeing if it was safe to bring indoors, or if a building was safe to breathe in, before buying or entering!

The French have developed a regulation for building materials, with a simple, easy to understand label.

* Information sur le niveau d’émission de substances volatiles dans l’air intérieur, présentant un risque de toxicité par inhalation, sur une échelle de classe allant de A+ (très faibles émissions) à C (fortes émissions).

Approximately translated as “Information on the level of risk from inhalation of toxic volatile substances in interior air on a scale of A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)”

Of course, we wouldn’t NEED anything like this if products and materials were free of toxic chemicals, but since they aren’t, we need to know the risk we’re being subjected to.

So… I LOVE THIS!  And I want it required on every product, material, and building that has a VOC!

Here’s info from the source, we just need to take it a few steps further

French Regulations on VOC emissions from construction products / Compulsory VOC emissions labelling




3 responses to “Imagine VOC labels for all products, materials and buildings!

  1. Love!

  2. I say We all move to France Now!!

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