Published: “Invisible Barriers, Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People”

My article “Invisible Barriers, Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People”   is now available to read in the

Special Issue on Ecopsychology and Environmental Sensitivities:
Chemical, Electrical, and Beyond

All the articles in the entire special issue will be available for free until Sept. 5  2017, which is unprecedented access!

Please check them out and share as widely as possible!


Table of Contents:

Ecopsychology Volume 9 Number 2 June 2017



Introduction to the Special Issue on Environmental Sensitivities: Living on the Margins with Access Denied
Pamela Reed Gibson



The Many Faces of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Alison Johnson

Invisible Barriers, Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People
Linda Sepp

History of the Rise and Fall of Environmental Medicine in the United States
William J. Meggs

Displaced by Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivities
Jerry Evans

The Role of Neurogenic Inflammation in Chemical Sensitivity
William J. Meggs

A Comparison of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity with Other Hypersensitivity Illnesses Suggests Evidence and a Path to Answers
Laurie Dennison Busby

A Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network–Based Model for Predicting Subjective Health Symptoms in People Living in the Vicinity of Mobile Phone Base Stations
H. Parsaie, M. Faraz, and S.M.J. Mortazavi

An Underworld Journey: Learning to Cope with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
Scott Eberle

MCS and EHS: An Australian Perspective
Diana Crumpler


Guest Editor: Pamela Reed Gibson

Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Thank you so much to Pamela Reed Gibson for making this happen!


Please note that my piece was written under severe brain fog, as is almost everything I do. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section below.



Special Issue on Ecopsychology and Environmental Sensitivities:
Chemical, Electrical, and Beyond


Please read (and download) these articles now while they are available for free! After September 5th, these will be accessible by fee only.


2 responses to “Published: “Invisible Barriers, Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People”

  1. Thank you for full access to this article!

    Janet Weir

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